Brad Renfro Taught Me How to Masturbate, and Now He’s Dead

20 Jul

Our very first guest writing piece comes from a friend out West. It comes from a series of short stories on which he has been working that portray or reinvent some famous straight person from history or pop culture in order to make them queer. David believes, and we do as well, that queer people do not have the same type of role models and pop idols that are offered to the larger heterosexual mainstream. He told us:

The main thing I’m trying to do with these stories is just what young gay boys and girls already do everywhere. Straight people have straight heart-throbs. There aren’t that many mainstream queer heart-throbs…so this kind of process is necessary. I wrote the thing to look like a kind of encyclopedia entry, interlaced with the personal experience, and I think it works well for what I was trying to do… Brad Renfro himself was probably not all that queer, however he did play a few gay characters. The story does include some factual stuff about Brad Renfro, but it’s mostly bullshit.

David Vidaurre’s contribution follows.

Brad Renfro was born during the summer of 1982 in Knoxville. He was always popular. When he was in fourth grade he decided he wanted to become an actor. His grandmother, who he was raised by, encouraged it. The summer before fifth grade, he starred in an anti-drug public service announcement produced by his school district directed to young students, playing the role of a drug dealer. No one took it seriously, least of all the students, who thought it was funny. But a Knoxville talent scout noticed that Brad’s abilities soared high above those of his junkie co-stars, and Brad landed his first major role in 1994’s The Client.

The first Brad Renfro movie I saw was Apt Pupil. I was in middle school at the time. It had something to do with a Nazi, but I don’t remember exactly. There’s a scene with him shirtless on a couch. There’s a scene with him naked in a shower. I was watching the movie on Showtime and decided to touch my penis, and that’s when I started masturbating. I checked the television listings to see when it would be playing next, and then I recorded it and spent that month masturbating and watching Apt Pupil.

After the success of The Client, Brad was offered several roles and became one of the most successful and prolific child-stars of the late 90’s and the early millennium. In 2001 alone he starred in five movies, including the indie-hit Ghost World. But during this time he also developed a serious drug problem that made him unreliable, and difficult to work with. His agent dropped him, and he was forced to take whatever roles he could get.

The first time I met Brad Renfro was in 2002, when I was fifteen. I’d read a lot about him on the Internet and assumed he was straight, but he was coming out of a gay bar in the Castro without a shirt on. I immediately ran up to him to make sure he was Brad Renfro. I asked him what he was doing in San Francisco. He said he often visited on the weekends. Then he asked if I wanted to go home with him. He was drunk. We took a taxi to his hotel downtown. When we got to his room he told me to take off my clothes and he went to the bathroom. He pissed, and when he came back he was naked and his cock was hard, wagging around as he walked toward me. I still had my underwear on. He took them off and told me I was beautiful. I couldn’t get hard. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get hard because I’d been getting off to Brad Renfro pictures for the past few years. He told me not to worry about it, turned me over, and fucked me for a while.

Brad Renfro had been living alone in a Los Angeles apartment since he’d turned eighteen. His failing career only worsened his drug problem. He used cocaine and heroin on a daily basis, he tripped on either mushrooms or acid on a weekly basis, and he smoked pot on an hourly basis. The drugs didn’t make him any less attractive though. He mostly fucked girls, and even impregnated one while visiting Japan. He mostly picked up girls at parties. But sometimes he liked fucking guys too. When he saw a guy he liked on the street looking at him he’d go up and talk to them. He mostly picked up guys on the street. Brad said that sex was, “what it is all about,” and so he had sex everyday, and usually more than once a day. The most people he ever had sex with on a single day was twelve people. He came nineteen times that day. But usually it was much less than that. He only shared his drugs with the people who he really liked.

My obsession with Brad Renfro only intensified after he’d fucked me. He gave me his email address and I emailed him once a week at first, and then once a month. He’d always respond, even though it was usually a very short response. He encouraged me to sleep with other people, so I hung around the Castro and tried to make myself look slutty. If they looked anything like Brad, I would go for it. And then I would always tell Brad about it. When people asked me how old I was, I told them I was eighteen, and that was alright. When I turned eighteen and people asked me how old I was I told them I was seventeen, and that was alright. Brad didn’t revisit San Francisco again until I was nineteen, or at least that was the only time he told me about it. We took acid and ran around in Golden Gate Park and fucked four times on a Saturday, but he told me he had other plans for the night.

Brad Renfro was arrested several times in a few states. Once he tried to steal a yacht in Florida. Once he broke into a FootLocker at 3:00am in New Jersey. Once he was caught with a trunk full of drugs in California. Once he vandalized a Mormon church in Washington. There was much more than that too. He never spent more than a couple days in jail though.

The last time I heard from Brad he was going to visit me for my 21st birthday on January 21st. I was excited because I hadn’t seen him for a while. I had a boyfriend at the time but Brad Renfro would always be more important to me. But then he died on January 15th from a heroin overdose. I broke up with my boyfriend and didn’t have sex for a year.

Brad Renfro died on January 15th of 2008 of a heroin overdose. His body was taken back to Knoxville and he was buried there about a week later. People compared him to River Phoenix and lamented about what an amazing actor he was, and said that the best was certainly yet to come. A week later Heath Ledger died and most people forgot about Brad Renfro.

David Vidaurre currently lives in the Bay Area. He’s unemployed and spends his days cruising and writing. He has never actually met Brad Renfro. Let us know at if you are interested in employing him.


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  1. M November 10, 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    Brad R was a friend, and a good kid. I miss.

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